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Mike Goodwine

Fishing Charter Captain


Capt. Mike Goodwine is a Tampa Bay-based fishing charter captain who took social media by storm with his amazing catches and good-natured humor. Mike grew up with a fishing pole in hand and has since become a well-known captain in the Tampa Bay area, and named 7th in Florida’s must-know anglers. He spends most days out on the water, catching everything from redfish to snook and trout on the shallow flats. For Capt. Mike, his home base is a saltwater fisherman’s candy store.

 Mike Goodwine

Fishing Charter Captain and Purveyor of Good Times


Interview with Mike

Fat side up.


Cuthbert Georgia, only because that’s where I hunt.

I learned doing less is the best for grilling a brisket. It got pretty expensive while I was learning how to dial a brisket in. I was injecting, spraying, and doing all kinds of shenanigans, and couldn’t quite figure it out. I also used to open the grill too much. Now, I only open the grill three times when I’m doing a brisket. Place it on the grill, pull it off to wrap, and finally open it to remove when finished. Now, I just trim a little, season with two rubs, and then send it. The more I did the worse it came out. Less is best.

The strangest food I’ve ever grilled was a venison heart. I’ve only done it once so that should tell you if I liked it or not.

Mike's Favorite Traeger Recipes

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