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Kimi Werner

Pro Spearfisherman


For Kimi Werner, spearfishing has always been more than just a hobby—it’s a way of life. Growing up in an isolated region of Maui, her father turned to the ocean for their family’s primary source of sustenance. Using the skills she learned as a child, Kimi later became a national spearfishing champion. She’s also a skilled cook and artist, as well as an advocate for sustainable eating and environmental conservation. Most days, you can find her freediving for fish near her home in Oahu in order to feed her husband and young son, Buddy.


 Kimi Werner


Interview with Kimi Werner

Fat side down, if you are going straight on the grill. I love that extra bit of char and grill marks on the fatty side! However if you are using a pan, then fat side up and let it caramelize topside!

Kitchen knife. I mean if you had to choose just one, how could you choose anything else? But as far as specialty tools, a zester is the secret weapon of flavor.

Hawaii's ocean will forever be my cherished happy place.

Reverse sear. Always remove the food after slow cooking and let the traeger get up to a super high temp (I like 500!) before putting it back on. I used to leave it on while it got hotter. Nowhere near the same results.

Sea cucumber is great fried.