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Jason Fullilove



When it comes to flavor, fresh is the name of the game for chef Jason Fullilove. Having his restaurant concept, Barbara Jean LA, based out of California means he has access to one of the world’s richest agricultural regions, and he takes full advantage of it. A former head chef at the five-star Ritz Carlton St. Thomas, his menus change frequently based on seasonal availability to ensure he can deliver the freshest, most delicious flavors possible. People have taken notice too, with Jason being featured in food publications and TV shows, including on The Food Network, and winning several accolades in the ultra-competitive LA dining scene.

Chicken Kabobs & Smoked Chickpea Coconut Curry

 with Chef Jason Fullilove

Take your taste buds on a trip around the globe with Jason's Middle Eastern-inspired menu.


Interview with Jason Fullilove

Fat side up. The fat caramelizes on the top and drips down to flavor the meat.

Heritage by Sean Brock. I love the true American southern cooking.

Lemons. I love the fresh citrus acid on almost everything.

My knife. I’m a professional chef, my most valued tool is my knife.

Once I had to cook cod sperm (shirako) it was for a cooking show in a mystery basket.


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