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Eva Shockey

Pro Outdoorswoman, Blogger


After Eva Shockey discovered the benefits of eating field-to-table meat, she never looked back. Her best-selling book, Taking Aim, tells about her journey from non-hunter to dedicated hunter and how she found her true calling in life. Since then, she has found success as host of two TV shows, a podcast, and has launched signature product lines with Cabela’s, Bowtech, Tru-Fire, and MTN OPS. She also reaches millions of followers on social media every week, sharing her life as a hunter, wife, mother, and proud Traeger cook. Read on to get to know more about the person who was voted Field & Stream’s “Most Admired Prominent Outdoorswoman” in 2016.

Grilled Fresh Fish

 with Eva Shockey


Interview with Eva Shockey

Before kids, I LOVED to take all day to grill and prepare meals, but now that I have two babies, I find myself cranking up the heat and getting food on and off the grill quickly so we can eat together before someone has a meltdown.

Wild game! My husband and I both hunt so we have a ton of elk, moose, caribou, deer in the freezer and I love trying different recipes with the meat.

Best Travel Destination: The Yukon, in Canada. That's where we go to source most of our wild game (moose and caribou) and it's an absolute DREAM! It's so beautiful, photos and videos cannot possibly do it justice—you just have to see it in person.

Ew. Pickled Pigs Feet in Alaska. They were gooey and chewy and not in a good way.

Don't put candied bacon on the grill and then forget about it…


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