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Dennis The Prescott

Chef, TV Host


Hailing from the maritime region of Eastern Canada, Dennis The Prescott discovered his love for food via Nashville when he was living there trying to make it in the music industry. After cooking his way through a cookbook borrowed from the library, he quickly became obsessed and decided to devote his life to creating, discovering, and sharing amazing flavors through cooking and traveling. Today, he is the author of the popular cookbook Eat Delicious as well as co-host of the Netflix show Restaurants on the Edge. He is also an advocate of eating locally, and his cooking is influenced by the bountiful seafood options available to him in his home near the Atlantic coast.


 Dennis Prescott


Interview with Dennis The Prescott

Fat side down. I love the reaction of fat dripping down onto the grill drip tray, creating the most heavenly smoke ever.

My knives. It's the one thing you use every time you cook (other than your Traeger, of course).

Led Zeppelin. My all-time favorite band, and the reason I wanted to be a musician so many years ago. Still so full of inspiration for me.

Cooking is a journey, and you really only develop as a cook through trial and error, and allowing yourself to fail forward. Learn something new in the kitchen, every single time you cook. The best lesson I've learned is to be fearless in the kitchen. To remove stress from the kitchen. To always push yourself. Remember to have fun. And, mostly importantly, to fall in love with feeding people. Community gathers at the table, and it's an honor to feed them.

As someone who has been fortunate to travel the globe for the past decade, I've had more than one Fear Factor moment at the table. Most things, unusual as they may initially seem, turn out to be super delicious - which is why I love challenging my palette and trying new things. That said, I'm pretty sure the time I ate Dormouse in Slovenia or Snake Penis Wine in Hong Kong was my first and only time.

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